Teachers and Therapists

June Mitchell

June at KPJAYI, MysoreYoga Teacher and Course Director of the Classical Yoga School qualified as a yoga teacher in 1977 with William Mowat Thompson at the then Scottish Yoga Centre in Edinburgh in the Sivananda style.   William, who brought yoga to Scotland in the 1960s was, and remains, her inspiration and is Patron of the Classical Yoga School.    She continued further training with many of the country’s leading Sivananda and Iyengar teachers in the eighties and nineties, combining yoga teaching and study with raising her two sons.

In 198l June launched Perth Yoga Centre which created a foundation for the flourishing of complementary medicine in the area during the l980’s, initiating the first-ever workshops and teaching groups in many aspects of this now established and significant part of our health awareness in Scotland.

In 1993 June founded the Riverside Centre in Tay Street, Perth where at any given time between ten and fifteen teachers and natural health therapists worked, offering holistic health treatments to the community and which was twice short-listed in the Business Excellence Awards initiated by the Perth Chamber of Commerce – seen as being innovative and influential in its field.

In the Spring of 2003, furthering her enthusiasm for the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of yoga, she completed an Intensive Yoga Teacher training with Paul Dallaghan, Founder/Director of Centered Yoga, Yoga-Thailand and Certified International Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.   She is a direct student of the Ashtanga guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, having studied and practised with him in 2004 at the KPJYRI in Mysore, Southern India and is dedicated to honouring the traditional teachings of yoga.

June now combines managing her Perth Yoga Studio, teaching classes in Birnam, Dunkeld and as Course Director of the prestigious CYS ScotlandLondon Yoga Teacher Training which she founded in 2003 and which is well established as one of the UK’S leading yoga schools offering three training courses – in Edinburgh/Perth, Merchant City Yoga, Glasgow and in Addlestone, Surrey.   With the 2018 graduations in August, there will be around 500 CYS qualified yoga teachers in Scotland, the South of England and scattering around the world.  More info at www.cysyogateachertraining.com


Clara Lynde

clara pic

Clara attended her first yoga class in 1977 and dabbled off and on from then until, at a difficult time in her life,  she found June Mitchell’s class in 2000.  Clara has been practising yoga regularly ever since, qualifying as a teacher with June’s first CYS teacher training cohort, in 2004.  Clara teaches Hatha yoga and is influenced by the many teachers she has been lucky enough to have had, as well as by her own personal experience of yoga.  Clara welcomes all levels of practitioner, including the complete beginner.


Lynn Almond

I started Tai Chi because someone said it was good for stress. That was in 1998. I have been teaching since 2001 when I took over my teacher’s Perth class. More recently I have taken over another of his classes in Dundee.

I enjoy not only the ordinary “bare-hand” form, but also weapons forms including fan, sword and sabre, and, most recently, a chopsticks form. I have attended many workshops. Since 1999 I have attended Tai Chi Caledonia – a week of various Tai Chi and Chi Kung sessions at the University of Stirling – where I can continue to learn new aspects of the art with high level instructors. Here I learnt a Rainbow Fan Form, the Traditional Yang sword form and various Chi Kung sets and forms. I also train regularly with some of the teachers I have met at Tai Chi Caledonia and have been on two study trips to China.

My other love at present is horse riding, which I started in 2006, and in that year was able to attend a workshop “Tai Chi for Equestrians”, taught by James Shaw, an internationally known riding coach. Both that and Tai Chi require a great deal of body awareness and control.

And has my stress reduced? Definitely. I find I am much calmer – and healthier. Tai Chi is called “Meditation in Movement”. It is active relaxation which keeps the body supple and healthy. It is suitable for people of any age.

Ann Binnie


Ann qualified as a yoga teacher in 2004 having completed June’s first CYS yoga teacher training course. In 2012, she completed a Healing Space course – Yoga for people living with Cancer and other serious illnesses, which is recognised by the Independent yoga network.

Ann’s Hatha Yoga class at the studio is open to all levels of ability so anyone is welcome to come along. She also teaches at several other venues.

Yoga has brought a depth and peace to Ann’s life and she hopes that the joy and fun she has had from the practice can be passed on to anyone who comes to her classes.


Fiona Campbell

Fiona has been practising yoga for over 20 years, and Ashtanga yoga for over 10 years. She qualified as a teacher with CYS Scotland in 2008, and has done many additional training courses since then. As well as maintaining her own daily practice, she travels as often as she can to learn from her main teacher, David Keil and in recent years with John Scott, both world-renowned and highly respected Ashtanga teachers.

Fiona is keen to share this wonderful practice with as many people as she can – yoga has helped her through some difficulties in life, and she knows it can work for anyone interested in trying it. She teaches the traditional Ashtanga method, as taught to her by her teachers, as they were taught by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.

Fiona teaches at the Studio on Wednesday nights – Ashtanga Yoga at 6pm and Yoga for Men at 7.30pm. Both classes are suitable for active beginners and people with some experience of yoga. She also teaches weekly classes in Blairgowrie.



Suthesh picSuthesh is from Kerala in India. He began his yoga training as a teenager in his local ashram and completed it in Bangalore. Before coming to the UK he was an instructor at various Health Spas in Dubai.
He is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This demonstrates that he has achieved the high standards required by Yoga Alliance UK.

His daily personal practice of yoga and meditation ensures that he is at his best for each client. As yoga is Suthesh’s biggest passion, you are guaranteed a motivating class where individuals are gently encouraged to exceed their expectations.

The class style he provides is active and dynamic covering a variety of yoga postures and breathing exercises that leave you deeply relaxed.


Julia Vaczo

Julia has been practicing yoga for ten years. In 2014 she decided to deepen her knowledge  and started her studies at CYS. She got her yoga teaching certification in August 2015 and has been fortunate to be  teaching ever since. She is based in Dundee where she is running several Hatha Yoga classes and also teaches the Thursday evening Ashtanga Yoga class and Candlelit Yoga class in Perth Yoga Studio.



Since becoming a mum in 2012 Sarah’s focus in yoga has moved from teaching children’s yoga to Pregnancy, and most recently Mother & Baby classes.

My own yoga practise had to change when I became pregnant, and even when my son was very young the stronger yoga I’d enjoyed previously was no longer possible. I practised a more gentle form of yoga combined with post-natal exercises. This helped me to regain the muscle strength required for more advanced and challenging yoga postures.

The aim of Sarah’s Pregnancy classes is to help mums to relax and enjoy pregnancy, supporting them towards a positive birth experience. These classes are based on her own experience and the teaching of other experts.

The main aim of the Mother & Baby yoga classes is to provide opportunities for mums to spend quality time with baby & learn appropriate yoga for both their needs. This is done in a relaxed class which incorporates songs & yoga sequences that can be used at home.

Sarah is a qualified Primary Teacher and remains registered with the GTC Scotland. She is a certified Yoga teacher for adults, children and babies.

Judy Cameron

Judy CameronIt was while working as a nurse in Asia and expecting her first child that Judy became drawn to Yoga. Gaining enormous benefit while pregnant, she decided study to become a yoga teacher with a focus on pre and post natal yoga.

She initially trained in South India at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Kerala and then with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore at the Active Birth Centre in London before gaining her Diploma in Teaching Yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga in the late 1990’s and then completing a Diploma in Baby Yoga with Birthlight, and Yoga for the Special Child at the Special Yoga Centre in London.

Judy continues to work part-time as a midwife in the NHS as well as running Breathing, Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis classes within the NHS.

With a strong interest in the use of hypnosis in childbirth, Judy teaches HypnoBirthing on a private, one-to-one basis and runs her own classes in Yoga for Pregnancy, Couples Birth Preparation workshops, Postnatal and Baby Yoga.

She also offers Yoga for the Special Child privately and runs teacher training courses as Director of the YogaBirth Teacher Training and tutor for the British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy and BWY Postnatal Modules.

Judy teaches in Aberdeenshire and Perthshire and runs courses throughout the UK.


Julia Coulson

For many years Julia practiced Hatha yoga and felt the positive benefits on her body and most importantly, her mind.  Following surgery and treatment for breast cancer she discovered Kundalini Yoga or rather Kundalini Yoga found her on a retreat and she quickly realised how powerful this practice was. With the connection between yoga, raised awareness, heightened consciousness, feeling relaxed and energized at the same time, Julia has been hooked ever since.  The transformative effects of Kundalini Yoga have really helped change her life in such a positive way.

Julia is now a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.  It is a privilege to be able to share this wonderful, life changing yoga to encourage people from all areas of life to lead happier, healthier and more conscious lifestyles.  Classes are open to all levels and offer a safe space for everyone to relax, expand and transform.  She has completed a Teacher Training course for the Addictive Personality and also teaches Hatha yoga.

“In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience.  The experience will go right to your heart.  No words can replace that experience.”  Yogi Bhajan

More info/to book:

Julia Coulson 07910 836854 and julia.coulson1@btinternet.com
Facebook: kundaliniyogaperth


Julia Melville

Kundalini Yoga came into Julia’s life by chance when she went on a yoga retreat in Devon in 2013. Having practised a variety of different yoga styles for more than two decades she connected with it immediately. It felt like coming home – she experienced the spiritual aspect of her life that hadn’t quite been met and that she had been searching for – the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Julia went on to do her certified Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training with Amrit Nam Samovar
School in 2014. She felt very challenged at times – regular 40 days of a certain kriya or meditation
was a whole new experience but one that she embraced, and the feelings of being grounded,
calm and present that came with the training and continue with her daily practice are a rich gift. Julia
also works as a Counsellor and Theta Healing® Practitioner and is passionate about the
connection of mind,body and soul.
Julia teaches on Tuesday evenings at Perth Yoga Studio 7.30-9pm and offers regular workshops. She also offers 1:1 yoga sessions in Edinburgh and Kinross.
For more details please visit www.juliamelville.com or call 07970 185556



Catriona McCaw

Catriona was introduced to Mindfulness in 2001 after completing a 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. After an inspiring week spent on a Mindfulness retreat on the Holy Isle on the west of Scotland in 2006, she began a regular mindfulness practice of her own.  Having gained a Diploma in Mindfulnes Studies from Aberdeen University and Samye Ling College in 2012, Catriona began teaching Mindfulness in 2013.

She is a member of the Mindfulness Association.

Catriona trained as a mental Health nurse in 1992 and is currently working in dementia research.

Helen Hodge-Neale

Helen Hodge-NealeFacilitator & founder of Crystal Ascension School & Conscious Soul Coaching

Crystal Meditation Group at Perth Yoga Studio
Your journey with Helen starts by introducing you to the amazing & unique world of crystals & gemstones. Crystals are a gateway for us to open our hearts to Divine Love & thus learning to anchor self love & appreciation into this lifetime.
Creating meditation space is unique for each individual but at the heart of all meditation is a time for embracing peace & tranquillity. A time when the busy lower mind can rest awhile & the heart & soul can come forward into the light of the Divine self/essence.
Your meditation time will be spent visualising & journeying with a different crystal each session. This ensures the opportunity to resonate with new insights & teachings from the Crystal Kingdom

“My aim is for ALL clients & students to feel supported & appreciated for their uniqueness. To enable each soul to be held in their light & to take their position upon the planet, as part of the Divine Plan so that a soul’s perspective may be seen, observed & embraced into a new way of being.”.

Crystals hold the light steadily in our hearts, to raise our consciousness to that of the Soul’s love. It is during times of quiet contemplation that we can hear & listen to the whispers of the Soul.



Susan Rees

Susan Rees Bio pic
Susan teaches Nia Classes in Stirling and Dunblane, and now with great pleasure has Nia to Perth. You may not have heard of Nia, but it has been around for over 35 years and is both a barefoot low impact fitness class with simple-to-master moves and a movement, lifestyle and mind-body-spirit practice in its own right.

Nia is suitable for all ages sizes, shapes and fitness levels. Nia was started in the 1980s, by Debbie and Carlos Rosas; seeking a new way for fitness. They spent 13 years on the foundation of Nia researching and experimenting with principles and ideas from martial arts, dance influences and therapies and practices; of these Yoga is one, but also included is the Feldenkrais method and the Alexander Technique. Today Nia has been further refined and extended. Susan met Debbie last July when she visited Edinburgh. She is now 64, still C.E.O. and still teaching, travelling worldwide, improving, innovating and inspiring.

Susan is a licensed Nia Teacher, ’White Belt December 2014, with Dorit Noble & Laurie Bass, London.
Upcoming 2016: ‘Moving to Heal’ (Nia adaptation for illness or mobility problems) with Siere Munro and Blue Belt with Britta von Tagen, Burntisland, Fife.
She also teaches family music and movement, since 2004.

These qualifications will allow Susan to further deepen her teaching and facilitate all-comers to Nia including those who wish to be seated or to use a chair for support in class.

Shell McGrath

Shell has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training, and she now trains new yoga instructors. Shell’s classes are designed to relax and refresh. They are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. As well as classes, Shell offers one-to-one yoga therapy sessions, which she tailors to the needs of individual students. Call Shell on 07514890794 for more information.

Cassandra Monsueto


Cassandra qualified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2011 in her homeland, South Africa.

Wishing to gain an indepth understanding of the human form, she completed the ”Myofascial Anatomy & Movement series for Yoga Teachers” course in Glasgow,  taught by Gary Carter of Natural Bodies, in 2016. Her approach to teaching is now richer with more focus on alignment suited to the individual yogis in the class, rather than forcing bodies into a 1-size-fits-all yoga.

Classes consist of movements synchronised with breath, a variety of salutations, followed by a beautiful yoga nidra relaxation towards the end. All are welcome.

Liam Haire

Liam Haire - Profile Pic

Liam has been practicing yoga for 7 years, making a change to a more challenging Vinyasa Flow practice 2 years ago. He began practicing as a form of rehabilitation following a serious knee injury to help recover after two surgeries, and in the hope of changing a bleak prognosis. He did just that and has made a full recovery against the odds, which he attributes to his yoga practice. Now passionate about the many benefits of yoga, he turned to teaching to share his experience and practice. Registered with Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance International after completing his RYS 200hr certification, Liam teaches an energetic and dynamic Vinyasa Flow class, aiming to challenge you and advance your personal practice.

Polina Kharchenko

Polina's photo for Perth Yoga Studio website

Polina qualified as a yoga teacher having completed 200 hours of teacher training with CYS yoga teacher training school in 2016. She has been practising Ashtanga yoga since 2010. Polina is originally from Kiev, Ukraine and came to Scotland in 2009 to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Polina now works in a corporate environment but practises and teaches yoga for fun, fitness, health and to balance the stress of everyday life.

Marousa Kalgkona


For as long as she can remember, Marousa has been interested in people, which led her to study for a degree in Psychology in Athens, and  an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling in Glasgow. In the counselling room she became aware of an energy exchange which she could feel but not describe. This, with her spiritual beliefs, encouraged her to deepen her understanding of mind, body and spirit. Marousa became a Reiki healer and holistic therapist, studying Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage, and is currently studying Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also discovered the Capacitar wellness practices which she now brings to Perth Studio, along with Reiki.

Marousa can be contacted by email at marousapsy@gmail.com or on 07403 773935

Donna Morgan


Donna is a highly trained and skilled massage therapist with over 20 years’ experience. She specialises in remedial massage and craniosacral therapy (CST)* with successful practices in Perth and Broughty Ferry.

Drawing on a range of approaches, from deep tissue massage to fascial work and CST, Donna works alongside clients to help them find pain relief and to facilitate their healing process. Donna’s intuition and respect for each client underpins everything she does. To contact her or make an appointment, please call 07949 408 937.

*CST, a gentle but powerful mode of healing, is particularly beneficial in treating physical injuries. Somato Emotional Release, an aspect of CST, is also very successful in treating trauma or the emotional aspects of an injury.

Heather Yellowlees

H Auchrannie Sept 13_edit

Heather has more than 25 years’ experience in Injury Rehabilitation and Health and Exercise Science, having worked in Germany and South of England.

In recent years Heather has focused her training and practice on Integrated Myofascial Release (MFR), Active Release Therapy (ART) and the benefits this offers, in managing restriction, that can lead to chronic overload and pain. Also offering Sports Massage, Remedial Exercise programs and Lifestyle Assessment.

Heather first became interested in postural and back pain rehabilitation in the 90’s when she experienced significant issues herself. She enjoys a physically active lifestyle with a keen interest in health and wellbeing. Currently she has practices in Perth, Luncarty and Falkirk. For consultation, appointment or enquiry please call 07745 690 934.

Jacqui Calder

 Jacqui is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist with 25 years’ experience in clinical/ holistic diagnosis and use of herbal extracts to remedy ill health. In that time, she has developed an invaluable range of experience in treating most common illnesses and has developed special aptitude in working with hormonal/gynae issues.

She runs a clinic at Perth Studio on Fridays and works from her Home Clinic at Pitnacree other days. Visit http://www.jacquelinecalder.com for full professional biography, further information on her approach to ill-health and herbal medicine practiced at a professional level.

To discuss suitability of herbal medicine in a given situation, for an outline of costs or to make an appointment call 0787 614 0826.