Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga has become known as the yoga of awareness. It offers heightened consciousness, mindfulness and a greater sense of well-being and energy. Kundalini Yoga strengthens all the body’s systems, and the benefits include gaining a strong immune system, glandular system, nervous system, good circulation, improved respiratory and digestive systems and an awareness of the impact of your habits. This foundation gives you energy to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual facets of your life.

It is not a yoga based on postures which makes it different to many other yoga styles. Classes consist of a Kriya, which is a series of physical movements combining breathwork which allows energy pathways in the body to open and rebalance; a relaxation, and a meditation often with chanting. Often meditation is used to release stored emotion and stress by working with breathing patterns and mantras. Once these energy channels are open, physical and mental healing can begin.

Kundalini yoga is powerful, fast and effective. It provides simple steps that anyone can do no matter age or physical ability. No previous experience of yoga is necessary to attend.


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