Perth Yoga Studio

generic1In August 2014 Perth Yoga Studio relocated to its beautiful new city centre premises overlooking the North Inch park, having been running at Ainslie Antiques in Glover Street, Perth for the previous two years. June Mitchell took it over from her late friend and colleague, Zoi Chisholm, who did wonderful work for several years at her Perth Yoga Space until she had to give up through illness.

This move was a most interesting experience for June, the owner/manager, as it is about a one minute walk from the four storey Georgian house at 7 Barossa Place, which she and her husband, James, bought in 1981 and turned into Perth Yoga Centre.

This was the family home as well as being only the second yoga studio in Scotland at the time and was a huge success from the outset. Many of today’s Perthshire therapists and teachers sparked their interest in yoga and complementary medicine at Perth Yoga Centre which not only offered a busy, weekly programme of yoga classes but also regular workshops in all sorts of natural health disciplines as well as yoga, drawing teachers from all over the UK – and there was a wholefood, vegetarian restaurant on the garden level, a very new experience in those days!

Cathy, the fantastic cook, was from the Island of Lewis and came to Perth College to do her catering training.     Along with several other young students, she had lodgings with June and James in their house in Dunkeld Road before the move to Barossa Place.    Cathy went with them to run the restaurant at the yoga centre and many of June’s friends and contemporaries from those days will especially remember her yummy carob cake.   Cathy is now June’s ‘friend on Facebook’ and it is so lovely to keep in touch and remember her delicious veggie food and scrumptious wholefood baking from the early 1980s – way ahead of its time I think you could say.

At Perth Yoga Studio we have a great team of experienced and inspiring teachers instructing a number of authentic and traditional styles of yoga. We also have regular workshops including Crystal Healing, T’ai Chi, Mindfulness Meditation, etc.  It is now also host to the prestigious Classical Yoga School (CYS) yoga teacher training which runs one month at David Lloyd Newhaven in Edinburgh and the other at Perth Yoga Studio.  CYS 12 month tt courses also run at Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow and in Addlestone, Surrey. Courses begin each year in September.

What is wonderful to see is the community we are creating in Perth where all the teachers support one another and work together and we all do hope that this transfers to everyone coming in through the door for any of the classes and groups.