Reiki is natural healing energy that works on every level and it is understood to promote the body’s regenerative self-healing ability.  You will experience a deep relaxation and gratitude and also a deep sense of connection with the group and the world. Please bring with you a cosy blanket, a candle of your preference for individual use and a favourite item that can go in the middle of our circle to work as your support or as what you believe as needing reiki energy sent to.


Capacitar comes from Spanish and it means to empower. Capacitar is using a vast set of tools like Tai-chi based movements, Visualization, Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness, finger holds for managing emotions, Emotional Freedom Techniques, head holds, Acupressure and many more. Every week will have a different focus, but we will always close the group with a celebrating dance! Join us in order to release any negativity you need to and to create a community of receiving healing, but giving healing too. Suitable for anyone over 12 years old (recommended for adolescents too)

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