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Nia is a low impact fitness-to-music class, backed by a body-centred health and wellness practice. Nia is ideally practiced barefoot (although socks or light shoes are an option) and comprises simple-to-master moves, from gentle to energising, and inspiring music from around the world.
Nia is suitable for any age, mobility or flexibility level or ability and improves balance, agility, flexibility and strength, it gives cardiovascular conditioning, increases body awareness and is pleasurable, stress-busting and absorbing.
Students are welcome to use a chair for all or part of the class, hold onto the chair for balance or workout with high-energy moves. The choice is theirs. The Nia teacher faces front, and students follow from the back, which is easier and more natural and allows the student to do the moves in their own way, without embarrassment, pressure or judgement. The classes follow a chosen routine for several weeks with moves designed to waken every muscle and move every joint, but each week the class is crafted afresh according to a chosen focus, making each week unique and stimulating but with familiar music and base moves.
Consider Nia as a cardio-complement to Yoga, as an exercise for those who never exercise, as the dance-workout you always wanted (because other dance-workouts were too complex or with unpleasant music), as a path to recovery after illness or injury, for weight-loss and for keeping active and healthy at any stage in life, 20s, 50s or 70s! Nia is all those things to all those people and furthermore classes foster community, growth and support.
Nia is based on 52 ‘foundation’ moves and has been spreading gradually worldwide for 35 years. It is taught by certified Nia teachers who hold a Nia White Belt and Teaching License with a lifelong journey progressing through the further Nia belts: Blue, Brown and Black. Here in Scotland we have a lively Nia Scotland community and regular visits by international Nia trainers giving teacher and public classes.

Nia Teacher, Susan Rees, says:

“Nia is suitable for all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness, it is for those who love to dance and those (like me) who feel they are un-coordinated. It is true that it is sometimes described as ‘dancing’, by some Nia teachers, however I prefer to describe it as “movement that feels like dancing” since I feel I can’t dance (a waltz totally eludes me and too many turns make my head spin)! I discovered Nia by accident, stayed because the moves were easy to master and the music was fantastic. Nia is also often described as ‘holistic’ – this just means mind, body and spirit i.e. it conditions the body, stimulates the mind with interesting patterns and boosts the spirit with a pleasurable combination of moves to soul-stirring music”.

For Additional information on Susan’s classes or to find out more about Nia please visit her website below or find her on Facebook.

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