T’ai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi is often called active relaxation. It increases the Chi – life force energy – in the body.

The class comprises a session of Tai Chi itself, a sequence of movements which are gradually learned; and Chi Kung (Qigong), which is individual Tai Chi style exercises, but is easier to follow and brings more immediate benefits. The emphasis of the class is on the health aspects of Tai Chi. The Short Yang form and the 24 Step form are taught.

Tai Chi can be done at any age and does not require any particular physical ability. The exercises are done standing. The movements are gentle and never forced. Students work within their own limits. Posture and co-ordination gradually improve. Over time, joints are loosened and strengthened. Research has shown that the slow, rhythmic movements improve balance, both physical and mental, as well as health and vitality generally. Tai Chi is often called “moving meditation”.

Students should wear loose clothing and bring clean, thin soled shoes to change into.
Beginners are welcome at any session – please let the teacher know in advance, tel Lynn Almond  01821 642232.


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